Angeleana Bumpas, LMT, CCST license no. MA60503945
Angeleana Bumpas, LMT, CCST license no. MA60503945
Working at our Capitol Hill location, Angeleana approaches bodywork like a detective; sleuthing out the source of pain and dysfunction. Having lived in chronic pain for many years, she has experienced first hand the self-healing powers of the body through NUCCA, massage, and CranioSacral Therapy. Drawn to bodywork through the natural process of dropping in (utilizing meditation and body awareness practices) and evaluating sources of nurturing, she is pleased to have found her place in the healing arts.
Her latest passion in bodywork is CranioSacral Therapy. ​ ​B​ased on principles of osteopathic medicin​e​​, CST​ focuses on the health ​and functioning of the nervous system​​. ​One key​ principle ​is the ​knowledge that the nervous system governs all of the other systems of the body. Blocked or impaired ​nerve ​signals can result in local or systemic ​dysfunction​.
All parts in a body are living ​tissue capable of self-healing​ on a cellular level​​.​ When the body is injured, the physics of that injury can impact the tissue for a period of time after the force has dissipated.​ This is demonstrated in ​patterns of guarding meant to protect a muscle from further injury long after the original event. This results in held patterns of tension which may become chronic if not resolved​, and implicate the structural integrity​. ​​There are rhythms and wisdom in the body that ​are available to ​facilitate rebalancing of such patterns.
Much in the way people go to doctors for physical check ups, ​CST can be a useful tool to ensure the body’s systems are optimally functioning and communicating with one another. The practitioner utilizes various gentle holds to engage the structures and tissues that require attention. This engagement allows the body to fulfill its natural process of healing itself​ and find balance.​
Angeleana is dedicated to helping clients establish or reinforce their path to health through touch by blending myofascial, craniosacral and nuerofascial techniques.