Steph graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago in 2012. Through her love of Yoga Stephanie found a passion for the human body and holistic healing.

She specializes in a practice that is a combination of Thai Massage, Deep Tissue work and Trigger Point Therapy, a method of bodywork that is uniquely developed by her after having studied all three modalities extensively both in Massage School and after with years of additional training and certifications.

She focuses on healing the whole person and loves to help others live healthy, pain free lives. As well as Massage and Yogashe believes in the healing properties of nutrition, meditation and emotional wellness. Stephanie strives to be a great healer and is continuously seeking out wisdom and understanding.

Steph has been studying Buddhism and Yoga for over 10 years and is currently learning how to assist others through emotional wellness counseling and is planning on pursuing her Masters in Counseling in the near future.

license no. MA60344647