What are your hours of operation?

We are typically open at all four of our Seattle clinic locations seven days a week: 8:30am-9:00pm . Our online schedule displays all sessions available 18+ hours in advance. Clients may book up to one month in advance via the online schedule. We can often accommodate same day requests for registered clients via phone or email, see the Contact page via the link in the top right corner. 

COVID-19 restricted hours: We are currently closed Tuesday-Thursday until 1:30pm for additional cleaning measures. 

Who do I schedule my massage with?

You can select an LMT either by reading our therapist bios and choosing the best fit for your need, or by selecting the location and the time that works for your schedule.

If I cannot make my appointment will I be charged?

You will be invoiced and have 2 weeks to request a fee waiver before your card is charged. If you do not cancel either via the online schedule or by phone or email 24 hours prior to your appointment you will be invoiced the full cash rate of your massage.

Do you offer deep tissue massage?

Yes. All of our practitioners understand the value of deep work and welcome your feedback before, during and after the massage on whether you are getting the pressure you prefer during your session. Please also inform your LMT of your past experience with deep work and what deep tissue means to you, if that is the type of work you are seeking.

Are gift certificates refundable?

No. Though they do not expire, gift certificates are only redeemable for massage therapy services at Intuitive Bodywork. They can be re-gifted to another person or used to pay an account balance, but have no cash value.

Do I really need a prescription for you to bill my insurance?

Yes, for in-network billing. Out-of-network billing is submitted as a courtesy and we do not provide documentation to your insurer. They may request this from you to prove “medical necessity”. Many Insurance companies will tell you that your plan allows you to “self-refer”, however this only applies to services with a provider who can diagnose illness, injury or disease. Massage Therapists cannot diagnose, therefore all insurance companies see our services as similar to that of a pain medication, and we need a diagnosis from a Dr. on file. We require all health insurance clients to have a valid prescription on file. This prescription must contain:

  1. Start date and duration of prescription and/or frequency of visits
  2. Diagnosis (ICD-9) code
  3. Name and signature of prescribing physician
Why are your published rates different than the amount you bill my insurance?

As insurance providers we must bill all companies the same rate for our 3 service codes we are allowed. The listed prices for non-insurance billed massage are considered a cash discount rate as we do not have to do the extra work and waiting of billing your insurance company. We bill your insurance $172-$222.50 depending on which codes they allow us to use, however none of the health insurance companies will reimburse us that amount. Each company that we bill “in-network” has a different allowed amount, we accept the insurance company’s rate as payment in full and write of the difference.  If you are using in-network insurance (First Choice for Kaiser PPO, the allowed amount set by your insurer is the amount you are responsible for, even if it’s higher than our cash rate. *Please note, it is your responsibility to pay your deductible and copay/coinsurance amounts, which may be all or part of the insurance company’s reimbursement amount.

Do you accept car accident claims?

Yes. We are happy to bill your PIP or 3rd party injury claim, provided we verify your coverage amount and have a prescription on file. In some cases if your 3rd party claim will not pay until there is a settlement in the case, we require you to have a lawyer handling the claim. If you are awaiting settlement and have retained a lawyer, we will hold a balance of up to $1500 for your settlement. A medical lien may be required. Any balance over $1500 will be subject to a payment plan. 

Do you accept work related accident claims (L&I)?
Yes. All of our practitioners are registered providers with Labor and Industries, you can book these sessions the same as all other insurance billed massage. We will need you to have a prescription for massage, your claim number and date of injury available at your first appointment. L&I will initially pay for 6 massage sessions, then we will need to reassess and request up to 6 more visits. L&I does not pay for more than 12 visits over the life of your claim.
I donʼt know if I have a co-pay, how will I know what I owe?

For out-of-network plans, you pay us in full then await reimbursement from your insurer, these are: Regence, BCBS, Premera, LifeWise, Aetna, Cigna, United. For in-network plans: First Choice, Kaiser PPO we will bill the insurance company, wait for payment, then invoice you for any balance due.

Is there parking at your office locations?

All of our locations have some street parking or paid lots nearby

What should I wear to my massage?

You can come to your massage wearing any clothing that you like. During the session your LMT will leave the room to allow you to undress and get under the sheets on the massage table. You can remove all your clothing if you choose to as we adhere to strict draping laws as indicated by the State of Washington. We only uncover the area we are working on at the time. Breasts and genitals will never be undraped nor touched during a massage session.

Is it proper/expected to tip the LMT?
Gratuities are graciously accepted.
Does your online scheduling system save my credit card info?

Yes, your credit card info is saved via an encrypted system through authorize.net for future billing, we cannot see the card number and will only bill your card in accordance with our payment policy as outlined in our Financial Agreement which you can find on our Contact page. All patients are required to have a card on file to utilize the services of Intuitive Bodywork

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