Allison is an energetic and enthusiastic person, she has been active throughout her life. Her active lifestyle has led her to discovering the inherent benefits of therapeutic massage, energy work and bodywork.

Allison has a BA in Psychology and is a 2005 graduate from the Kripalu School of Massage in Lenox, MA. Allison is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Sound Healing practitioner. She practices Kripalu bodywork, therapeutic touch, deep tissue, intuitive touch, Thai reflexology, Reiki and sound healing.

Over her 11 year career, Allison has been fortunate to work with human and canine companions aiding in the road to relief, recovery, rehabilitation, and healing. Volunteering in Hospice at Bay State Hospital and with Multnomah animal shelter, she has gained a positive awareness of how massage therapy, Reiki and sound healing transforms the body, mind and spirit.

Allison has worked with chiropractors, acupuncturists and hospitals aiding clients in their journey to optimal health and wellness. Allison works with clients and personalizes each session to meet client’s needs towards a healing successful recovery.

license no. MA60568449