Ariana experienced a life changing injury in May 2010 that left her with a joint that is out of place and one leg shorter than the other. She feels like this has given her great insight into what many of her clients experience with chronic pain and an understanding of just how hard rehabilitation can be.

Her massage is focused around creating an experience tailored to each client’s unique needs. She has worked in medical and spa settings and enjoys performing treatment as well as relaxation massages. Her style is a blend of Swedish, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Massage Cupping. She believes massage should not be a torturous experience, staying more in the “hurts so good” range.

Ariana attended school at Cortiva Institute of Federal Way and graduated from the 750 hour program in December 2013. She loves being a forever-student to massage and is always happy to continue her education to best meet client needs.
In her spare time Ariana loves to craft and design costumes, as well as backpack and hike. She works on training every week for her outdoor experiences, using bodywork as a self-care tool to maintain pain from her injuries and push herself further on every adventure.

License No. MA60449594