Daniel believes in the power of massage to facilitate well-being through intuitive touch. His interest in anatomy began with studying the human figure at Gage Academy of Art.

He was inspired to pursue massage after witnessing the importance of bodywork to his parents’ recovery from a serious car accident, and completed the program at Cortiva Institute in 2017.
Daniel fuses deep tissue, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques in conjunction with proprioceptive stretching to provide a rehabilitative treatment that relieves symptoms and increases range of motion. As a practitioner, he values careful listening, recognizes the value of holding space and believes it is essential to educate the client about their body to achieve the goals of each individual.

Daniel has an intra-oral endorsement, meaning he is certified to work on the musculature inside the mouth the address TMJ pain among other ailments.

By understanding each body’s unique condition it is possible to aid in it’s healing process and re-connect the person as a whole.

license no. MA60752907