Eli is a Non-binary transgender therapist who uses They/Them pronouns

They graduated from Cortiva Seattle Institute in October of 2017 diving into modalities that allow them to foster a well- rounded healing experience. Eli has experience working with youth, LGBTQA+, with a focus on trans community, differently abled folks, and folks with a trauma around traditional personal service industry. They enjoy deep work with a focus on myofascial therapy, and sports massage.

Eli’s approach to body work is one that develops curiosity and exploration of patterns of muscles behavior and finding ways to learn to hear our bodies through awareness and compassion. Eli has been healing people from head to toe for the past 8 years so naturally it would come as no surprise massage would come next.

Eli is very passionate about embarking on the path to energy work through modalities such as Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Polarity therapy, and body psychotherapy. Every opportunity to work with our bodies gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and each other.

License No. MA60811322