Find Kelly in January 2021, after Intuitive closes:

Kelly is a graduate of DiscoveryPoint School of Massage in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood.

She believes that her role as a bodyworker is one of facilitation. Every body has the power to return to health, and Kelly simply acts as a guide. Her curiosity and passion serve her well as a bodyworker; one of the things she most enjoys is truly listening to a client and understanding what they want and need from a session.

To Kelly, each massage is a collaborative experience in which both the client and practitioner have important roles in the healing process. She enjoys being able to conscientiously support clients through this holistic journey. She has an ever-deepening understanding of quality of touch and training in various forms of therapeutic massage: Swedish, Neuromuscular & Muscle Energy techniques, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, and Trager. Kelly uses a trauma-informed approach in all the work she does.

License No. MA60983505