Find Maverick in January 2021, after Intuitive closes:

Maverick graduated from the American Institute of Clinical Massage in Post Falls, ID in November 2012.

While going to school he mentored with a massage technician, who taught him practical uses on how to treat the body using patterns associated with each body part called algorithm therapy. Using this scale Maverick could better understand the body and how it needed to heal.

His style of bodywork is that of a holistic bodyworker, he likes to intuitively feel for problem areas while also using the knowledge that he has in the many modalities that he has achieved over the years. Maverick has a vast knowledge of practical healing through Lomi Lomi and Thai massage. As he has expanded his experience in both healing art forms by traveling to both Thailand to study traditional Thai bodywork, and Hawaii to better understand healing from many kumu’s (or teachers).

The American Institute of Clinical Massage is considered the Harvard of massage schools offering over 1000 hours of work to graduate the school. So he has experience in myofacial release, craino-sacral, reflexology, algorithm therapy, polarity therapy, Thai foot massage, Fijian foot massage, fire cupping, and many forms of ways to heal the body in Thai bodywork.

Maverick spent over a month in Thailand finding avenues to heal the body mind and spirit, learning about Thai bodywork, also learning mantras and integrated body stretches and healing points to allow the body to open and became available for more relaxing and relief from pain.

Healing touch has been an important part of Maverick’s life since he was a young child.

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