Find Sarah in January 2021, after Intuitive closes:
Sarah is currently taking a break from bodywork. She will return after maternity leave in late Fall.

Sarah specializes in pain-free treatment for injuries and chronic issues. Effective bodywork need not hurt; in fact, the most recent pain science is showing a strong correlation between painful treatment and long term chronic pain. Sarah lets your body guide her to different levels of tissue at an individualized pace, which means that we can do profound work without the ouch.

A graduate of DiscoveryPoint School of Massage here in Seattle, Sarah’s work is heavily influenced by techniques from myofascial release, visceral manipulation, unwinding, craniosacral, structural decompression, and trauma-informed bodywork. She is proud to offer pain-free intraoral treatment as well.

Sarah firmly believes that every single person is powerful and deserving of healing. Long before studying massage, her work as a doula and background in dance instilled her with a sense of awe at the body’s inherent wisdom and incredible power. We human beings are so fragile, yet so resilient! Whether you seek treatment for an injury or chronic issue, or you desire a pause from the pressures of daily life, Sarah would be honored to join you on your journey to health.

Tags: Prenatal, Intra-Oral

license no. MA60848755

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