With a background in psychology and having worked in the nonprofit world of housing systems, advocacy for vulnerable populations, and hospice
Teresa found her way to massage by happenstance through the world of natural medicine.
What started as a migraine, ended in a new career that has only grown in deep curiosity since.

Graduating Cortiva’s 1000 hour program in 2015, she has found her style veering towards classical deep tissue
as influenced by structural integration and the individual’s needs of the moment,
keeping in mind that pain is not an indicator of effectiveness but a tool for better communication.
She believes part of a ‘good massage’ is strong client relations and ‘doing the homework’
(roll those quads, folks!).

With sights set on expanding to Gua Sha this year, Teresa has attended courses on craniosacral massage
and neurofascial release in the past and will be attending more advanced structural/anatomy classes in 2020.

She is an avid backpacker, boxer, yoga practitioner, and dog lover whose home is the PNW FOREVER

License No. MA60615803