A rare native Seattleite, Tom has worked as a massage therapist all over Seattle and the east side since his becoming a massage therapist in 2005. His time working at chiropractic clinics means he has most often treated office professionals, car accident victims, and those living with terminal illnesses, but he’s spent many years doing massage at relaxation spas and health and wellness events as well, giving him a broad base of experience to work from and a flexible nature to work with whatever symptoms or issues a client may have.
His massage style is a therapeutic deep tissue, generally with a treatment focus on a patient’s needs. He uses broad, Lomi- and Thai-inspired strokes to engage and relax muscles and more structural methods to treat deeper issues, including stretching, trigger point therapy, and injury rehabilitation modalities. He works closely with his clients to find a quality of touch that is thorough and relieving and as specific as they need.
License No, MA00020911